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Neda Zolfaghari

Project Coordinator

Simon Fraser University


Neda Zolfaghari, Project Coordinator with the Pandemics & Borders Project, holds a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a Certificate in Genomics from SFU. Before joining the Pandemics & Boarders Project, Neda worked in various positions, including Research Coordinator in the Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity Lab led by Dr. Mark Brockman in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Research Assistant at BCCDC in the Zoonotic Diseases & Emerging Pathogens Program (ZEP), led by Dr. Muhammad Morshed. Neda is passionate about promoting EDI in science and inclusivity, as well as mentoring the youth to consider a career in STEM, which led her to engage in volunteer work with STEMPacts through the Immigrant and International Women in Science (IWS).