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Alice Mũrage

Research Fellow and PhD student

Simon Fraser University


Alice Mũrage is a Research Fellow at the Pacific Institute onPathogens, Pandemics and Society, with a focus on the Health and SocialInequities Theme. Her research investigates societal impacts of health emergencies with the aim of informing pandemic preparedness and responses to better address health and social inequities exacerbated by pandemics. Alice has previously collaborated on the multi-country Gender and COVID-19Project researching gendered dynamics of the pandemic and gaps in preparedness and response; her study focus was on Canada, Kenya, and Nigeria.Alice is also a PhD student at the SFU Faculty of Health Sciences: Her PhD research will examine the intersections of precarious work as a social determinant of health and health emergencies among people of African ancestry.She is an affiliate member of the Centre for Gender& Sexual Health Equity and the Women’s HealthResearch Institute. Alice also facilitates the African AncestryProject, a community research and dialogue project aimed at bringing awareness to the diversity of Black people in British Columbia. Her Twitter handle is @AMuragz