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Ben Taylor

Senior Operations Research Analyst

Defence Research and Development Canada


Dr. Ben Taylor is a senior operations research analyst with a 33-year career, which has spanned the UK defence industry, the UK Ministry of Defence, and the Canadian Department of National Defence. He currently works in the Strategic Planning Operations Research Team at Defence Research and Development Canada, where he supports work on the planning of the future capabilities and structure of the Canadian Armed Forces. Dr. Taylor has also worked extensively with colleagues in allied nations and is currently the chair of a NATO research task group investigating approaches to determine development plans for armed forces facing novel 21st-century challenges.

Dr. Taylor has a particular interest in the use of wargames and simulations to support strategic planning decisions and in recent years has been collaborating with researchers outside of the defence and security domain to explore new applications of gaming techniques.

Dr. Taylor holds a BSc in Combined Studies and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, both from the University of Leicester in the UK and is a Fellow of the Operations Research Society.